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Queensland Government - One Stop Shop
Queensland Government

A one-stop-shop for government services

The Queensland Government wants to make it simpler and easier for their customers to interact with them, providing a one-stop shop for accessing relevant services and information.

The One-Stop Shop partnered with Thoughtworks to re-design the customer’s experience, using service design to understand how they currently connect with Government services through both digital and physical touchpoints.

From queries as diverse as navigating the complexities of licenses, and regulations for setting up a new cafe to searching for and securing a grant for a new business venture, the team took a customer-led approach to ensuring that the right information was made available, along with a clear pathway for achieving their goal. For seniors, a key customer segment, this meant having a single place to apply for a seniors card and being proactively guided through the application process for the concessions they are eligible for. 

The Government is committed to ensuring all their information and services are intentionally developed with web accessibility in mind, removing any barriers that may prevent access by people with disabilities. As more people choose to consume services online, this requirement becomes all the more vital.

Adopting agile ways of working and harnessing new technologies has allowed the Government to adapt and release re-designed services at speed. In just five months, the teams have delivered five pilot services and co-created a program roadmap to enable the simplification and personalisation of subsequent services. Cloud infrastructure and Amazon Web Services provide the strong technical foundations needed to scale, also providing flexibility for future plans.

Queensland Government continues to shape the services of tomorrow, partnering with Thoughtworks to meet the evolving needs and expectations of Queenslanders.

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