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LATAM Airlines: Catalyzing transformation to make dreams reach their destinations
LATAM Airlines

Smoothing the client journey with digital transformation

Delivering software to an organization as large as the LATAM Airlines Group is not a simple task. Several teams have been working on different aspects, often remotely from different locations, to guarantee a smooth journey for users. Thoughtworks has been contributing to this process for three years, in an engagement that has helped LATAM move ahead.

LATAM Airlines Group is the largest airline in Latin America and one of the largest in the world, covering 140 destinations in 25 countries. LATAM currently operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru; as well as in the United States, the Caribbean and a number of countries across Central America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa.

In 2015, three years after LATAM was conceived, we began our partnership by conducting an assessment of the software development ecosystem of the new conglomerate. The airline's goal was to transform the organization using technology, and the most efficient way to do it was to create genuinely engaging digital experiences through a holistic approach that involved delivering software in production rather than presentations and documentation.

During this first assessment, we were able to identify critical points of improvement and real opportunities to design and create digital products, while transforming the way we organize and manage multidisciplinary development teams.

Thoughtworks and LATAM have worked together to transform the way we build and deliver software
Claudia Sender
Senior Vice President, LATAM Airlines

Generating this kind of systemic impact requires intentionality in project management, team building, and mainly a customer-first focus, delivering real value to each new implementation.

In practice, our teams have worked on several different projects, inside the LATAM offices or allocated to one of our six offices in Latin America. We supported the company in implementing an evolutionary technological architecture and participated in projects such as the development of a new payment platform, the restructuring of the ticket purchase flow and the creation of a mobile app that ensures that LATAM customers are always connected to the brand.

All of this doing what we do best: developing software with a high level of technical excellence while catalyzing an organizational transformation driven by technology.

Thoughtworks was a key partner in making that happen because they are not afraid to ask the tough questions
Claudia Sender
Senior Vice President, LATAM Airlines

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