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Premiere: partnership and agility to evolve a product in record time

Premiere: partnership and agility to evolve a product in record time

Premiere is a TV channel that offers the largest coverage of Brazilian football. With a schedule that includes the exclusive broadcast of the major national championships, Premiere is available on pay-TV and online, via computer, tablet or smartphone.

During the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Globo.com, Globosat, and Thoughtworks came together to tackle a great challenge: improving the Premiere streaming experience and enabling the service for over the top (OTT) distribution. 

The break in the usual programming of the main Brazilian championship during the World Cup was the ideal time to carry out the update and surprise the user base with a new product with the return of the championship games. However, this had to be done within a maximum of five weeks, to ensure that the user’s experience was not compromised with the transition between the old and the new platform. 

With a product, technology and design team distributed among three companies, a focus on building a collaborative partnership, agility, and a great  user experience were crucial to succeed in the product update.

The first step was to fully understand the goals and expected results to build a unique vision of what would be accomplished in the next five weeks. The lean inception technique made it possible to understand Premiere, to build a vision of the final product to be built, to align expectations and to promote integration among the three companies as a single team.

The lean inception ensured that, even with a team distributed among the companies, the delivery had a single focus and that it was completed on schedule.
Rafael Pena
Project Product Owner, Globo.com

The sharing of strategic product information by Globo.com and Globosat during this process contributed to the creation of an environment with transparency, trust, and collaboration.

The inception process allowed the team to create design personas, understand the user journey and gain an insight into the features that were truly appreciated by the users. This data was used to plan delivery.

With planned weekly deliveries, priorities were constantly defined and revised, which prevented delays or the need for overtime. 

The entire project was completed in eight weeks, five of which being software development; an example of success that reinforces the value of adopting an agile mindset and practices software development and product evolution. 

Partnering with Thoughtworks was crucial for us to deliver a unique result within a tight schedule; a product that improved our user experience and created a new way of accessing content online.
Marcelo Azambuja
Executive Director, Globo.com

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