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infoq awards 2021

Thoughtworks won four awards in the InfoQ 2021 list as the most attractive employer brands for Chinese developers

On April 22, 2021, Thoughtworks, a global software consultancy, was awarded four employer brand awards by InfoQ as part of the "InfoQ 2021 China Technical Power" series.. The four award categories are:


  • Top 10 most attractive employer brands
  • Top 10 most loved companies by executives
  • Top 10 companies with the happiest employees
  • Top 10 learning organizations



The list was compiled from nearly 20,000 public votes from developers and reviewed by 20+ experts in the past two months. In addition to Thoughtworks, many other top technology companies across the spectrum of industry verticals and the digital transformation ecosystem are also award recipients. This event also attracted the attention of a large number of developers, attracting more than 66,000 participants.


Zhang Song, CEO of Thoughtworks China, said: “At Thoughtworks, our philosophy and guiding principles are to provide each employee with a multitude of business and professional development opportunities to learn, develop and grow their capabilities and careers. Thus, we’re honored to be recognized by InfoQ with these awards and excited to now be a part of a broader community of technology leaders focused on making a positive impact on the industry and society through the creation and dissemination of better methods and innovative practices.”


Thoughtworks has over 8,000 outstanding employees worldwide. Talent is the foundation of our success. We attach importance to the cultivation and development of talent by insisting on creating a persified and inclusive working environment. We proactively cultivate and expand employees' technical, business and collaboration capabilities. We are also committed to the pursuit of equality between male and female employees in the technology industry.


InfoQ is a practice-driven community information site dedicated to promoting the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in software development and related fields. The host of the Most Attractive Employer Brand Award hopes to promote and encourage companies to attach even greater importance to technology research and development capabilities by training technical personnel, and significantly enhancing the recruitment and retention of technical personnel.


Along the same lines of this award, in the future Thoughtworks will also focus on the vitality and potential of China’s science and technology talent market. Specifically, developing a plan for discovering and cultivating more new and perse talent to keep up with the rapid pace of change and innovation in the industry and society at large.