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The power of product thinking

Podcast host Kimberly Boyd | Podcast guest Rujia Wang and Jonathan Savage
December 04, 2023 | 41 min 44 sec

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Brief summary

With so many different definitions, it can be difficult to understand exactly what product thinking is, and how it can transform your organization. In this episode, Thoughtworks’ product leaders, Rujia Wang and Jonathan Savage, explore how it can help you enhance your customer experience, and dispel some common misconceptions. It’s essential listening if you’re a product leader seeking to refine your customer experience, create ambitious new products, and foster a culture of innovation.

Episode highlights



  • Product thinking isn't just for product teams. We need to empower entire organizations to think about products.


  • Team structure can amplify the impact of product thinking, particularly when a team involves people who understand the business, the customer, and the technology.


  • Competitive advantages are fading faster than ever before. New disruptors are entering the market all the time, meaning organizations must constantly reimagine their products and services. 


  • GenAI promises to enhance creativity for product and design practitioners during the ideation process.


  • Over time, product thinking must evolve to deal with increasingly complex customer journeys.
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