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Author: Gayathri Mohan

Full Stack Testing
Full Stack Testing

Learn testing for every stage of the software development process

Testing should no longer be viewed as a stage of the software development process or something owned by a single team — today, it needs to be seen as critical throughout it and owned by everyone.

In Full-Stack Testing, you’ll gain a holistic view on testing. Learn the principles, processes, and techniques and tools needed to become confident with this critical part of software engineering. Covering everything from manual exploratory testing through to automated tests for security, performance, and accessibility, author Gayathri Mohan brings her years of experience to provide a hands-on look at 40 key tools that define software testing today.

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Take a sneak peek inside Full-Stack Testing and read the first chapter for free. In it, Gayathri Mohan discusses why testing is fundamental to software quality, and why we need to shift left and rethink it as something that necessarily sits alongside full-stack development.


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What readers say

This is the first attempt I have seen to bring all the various software testing disciplines together in a single publication… with these sort of "comprehensives" it's challenging to get the balance right between providing enough detail to articulate the subject matter and leaving the reader with too many unanswered questions… this is a book I would gladly add to my IT reference library.
Ian Molyneaux
Author of O'Reilly's 'The Art of Application Performance Testing'

About the author

Gayathri Mohan

Gayathri Mohan


Principal consultant


Gayathri Mohan joined Thoughtworks in 2009. Since joining she has worked in many different roles including quality specialist and office technology principal. In 2019, she took on the role of global QA SME where she helped to define skill sets and development paths for QAs in Thoughtworks. Today, Gayathri helps clients adopt agile and testing best practices, supporting them to develop the capabilities they need to deliver high-quality and large-scale projects.


She loves traveling and has visited over 15 countries; her heart, however, remains in Chennai, India, a peaceful abode where she likes to spend time reading
and writing.

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