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Published : Apr 26, 2023
Apr 2023
Trial ? Worth pursuing. It is important to understand how to build up this capability. Enterprises should try this technology on a project that can handle the risk.

As more organizations adopt cloud computing, many are starting to integrate multiple cloud providers simultaneously to maximize flexibility and minimize vendor lock-in. However, managing keys and access controls across multiple cloud providers can be a significant challenge, leading to increased complexity and security risks. Akeyless is a centralized, cloud-based platform that provides unified secrets management with a range of advantages for managing secrets and sensitive data. It integrates seamlessly with different providers, simplifying the management of secrets and access controls to monitor and control who has access to sensitive data; with encryption, access controls, multi-factor authentication and other security mechanisms it ensures only authorized users are able to access sensitive data. Additionally, it provides an intuitive interface for administration and monitoring, providing a less complex and more scalable developer and administration experience.

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