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Graphical representation of car from above
Graphical representation of car from above

SDV Pulse

Your guide to the technologies and
trends reshaping software-defined vehicles
In the software-defined vehicles (SDV) era, the software you build and the technology you leverage can impact everything from driver and passenger experiences to vehicle performance. So, to stay at the forefront of innovation in today’s evolving automotive industry, you can’t rely on engineering expertise alone — you also need to keep up with a huge range of digital developments.


SDV Pulse from Thoughtworks and Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, emerging technologies and best practices driving the evolution of software-defined vehicles. Inside, you’ll find:


  • Expert introductions to emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Perspectives on capabilities and practices that have achieved mass adoption across the automotive industry.

  • Guidance on new standards, regulations and emerging collaborative bodies.

  • Recommendations and examples to help you identify which new tools, capabilities and practices are worth your attention.

The SDV Pulse report is built around a Pulse Chart divided into five segments.


Across each segment, you’ll find a selection of “Pulse Points” representing a specific technology, practice or trend. The segment that each Pulse Point can be found in indicates which macro trend area it most closely relates to. In this inaugural edition, the five macro trend areas explored are 

Concepts and solutions


Capabilities available on the market as packaged solutions that SDV manufacturers can purchase and apply within vehicles or use to transform their internal operations.


Ecosystems and organizations


Emerging organizations and ecosystems that should be on every SDV manufacturer’s radar, including networks to be part of and regulatory bodies that could impact their operations and engineering decisions.


Techniques and practices


New ways of working that can help SDV manufacturers evolve the way their teams operate and enable them to deliver better results and driver outcomes.

Technology and products


Leading technologies that SDV engineers and manufacturers can incorporate into vehicles or apply within their engineering organizations to transform experiences and deliver new value.




All other relevant trends that don’t fall into the four areas above. Many of these are general evolutions in software engineering that SDV OEMs should be aware of.

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