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Technology Resources and Support for Nonprofits

At Thoughtworks, we combine a passion for social change with real-life experience in technology, design, delivery and deployment to help address the world's most pressing challenges.

Since we started building development tools for teams that are looking for a better way of working, we have provided a lift to software teams trying to do big things but who did not necessarily have the means. For example, we love helping small teams working on open-source software projects or non-profit organizations working to advance women in Africa.

To that end, we provide our products for free to qualified organizations through our Community License Program.  

Organizations who are invited to participate in our Community License Program include registered non-profit organizations, accredited academic institutions and open source projects. The product licenses we offer are for Mingle, our agile project management tool, Go our continuous delivery tool, and Twist our automated testing tool.

Among the many organizations who benefit from the use of our Community License program are Crossroads Foundation, TEDxCapetown, EngageSpark, and Butler University.

Learn more about the Thoughtworks Community License Program to see if it makes sense for your organization.

Social Impact Program

But we don’t stop there. Through our Social Impact Program, we place our development teams in the services of mission-driven humanitarian organizations. In some cases, we are able to offer discounts below our commercial rates. Pro-bono assistance is also offered to a select number of organizations with compelling ideas to advance their mission using technology, but who lack the resources to act on them.

Our Humanitarian Software Program is an initiative where we partner with socially-focused organizations to support them on their software development needs. This is purely on a voluntary basis and is pro-bono.

If this sounds like something your organization is interested in, we'd love to talk with you about what you're doing and explore how fresh thinking and innovative technology could help.

GetUp! Learn about a new web engine we built that is getting Australians involved in issues that matter. 

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