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Revolutionizing the jobs marketplace in Spain

Unifying Products for Improved User Experience


Adevinta Infojobs is a jobs marketplace based in Italy and Spain, with over 24 years of operations. Infojobs has two products in this vertical: Infojobs, a platform for job seekers to apply for work opportunities, and ePreselec, an applicant tracking system (ATS) product for companies to use throughout the hiring process (interviews, online tests and more). 


Infojobs’ goal is to modernise their products to let candidates, employers, recruiters and customers of all segments and sizes have a better user experience and use the platform more efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction. A scalable platform will allow the company to react quickly to the market demands and developers will be able to evolve the product without increasing maintenance overheads.


Accelerating development and software modernization


Thoughtworks’ first priority was to accelerate the development of Infojobs' products, adding two cross-functional teams while incorporating our culture and methodologies into Adevinta’s ways of working, without disrupting their delivery.


The work was divided into four phases:

Adevinta Infojobs' partnership with Thoughtworks resulted in a successful acceleration of their product development and an improvement in user experience. Infojobs were able to onboard a significant number of new companies and see a high conversion rate for job postings. This partnership has been key for Adevinta Infojobs in terms of scaling and growth.



Making candidates user experience better:

Making recruiters user experience better:

*Percentage point (pp):  the unit for the arithmetic difference to compare between two percentages.

From a technical perspective, as part of the work the teams are doing, Thoughtworks have been working on decoupling the monolith and moving it to microservices. From a strategic and enabling perspective, Thoughtworks has partnered with Adevinta’s Jobs leadership team, facilitating knowledge sharing on their highest priority topics, via access to our internal network of experts and advisors.

We chose Thoughtworks because of their excellence in software engineering and their years of experience in agile culture. The collaboration exceeded our expectations since we started the project - it was easy to work and fast to improve upon feedback. This combination and openness to adapt was superb to improve the developer experience.
Pablo Enfedaque
Director of Engineering

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