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technology radar nov 2015

Thoughtworks Highlights Security, Microservices and Container Ecosystem Explosion in Technology Radar

International Advisory Board of Leading Technologists Issue Newest Edition of Tech Radar

Thoughtworks, a global technology company, today issued the latest Technology Radar, an assessment of trends significantly impacting software development and business strategy. The Technology Radar sets out the current changes in software development - things in motion to pay attention to based upon Thoughtworks’ day-to-day work and experience solving their clients’ toughest challenges.


“With the threat landscape still evolving, our latest edition of Technology Radar continues to focus on security and innovative approaches,” said Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO of Thoughtworks. “In addition, we are seeing exciting growth and investment around microservices, opening up new opportunities for developers to create more maneuverable architectures. And the explosion in container ecosystems is helping reduce the friction of reliably building and deploying applications to the cloud.”


“As we look toward 2016, we are seeing organizations increase their focus on merging business with technology, and that is a positive trend,” said Craig Gorsline, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Thoughtworks. “We are witnessing an exciting time in which businesses are digitally transforming and executives are leveraging technology as the engine to power their business, ultimately defining and disrupting entire industries. Understanding the fast-moving technology landscape is essential for success.”


The notable themes in this edition of Technology Radar include:


  • Docker Incites Container Ecosystem Explosion - Containerization, exemplified by Docker, is wildly popular in a growing number of organizations. The interest varies widely across and within organizations; our recommendations range from Assess to Adopt.
  • Microservices and Related Tools Gain in Popularity - Interest continues unabated around this architectural style, and we expect to see even more growth and maturity in this space in the near future.
  • JavaScript Tooling Settles to Merely Chaotic - We have highlighted the churn in the JavaScript tool space before, but the community is gradually calming and coalescing around some common practices.
  • Security Is Everybody’s Problem - Security is an issue that uniquely affects all roles across the software development lifecycle. We highlighted improvement in the security space in the last edition of Technology Radar, and we’re pleased to see teams baking security practices into their processes.


Visit Thoughtworks.com/radar to access the interactive version or download the PDF version.


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