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Drive data excellence: Master governance for quality and trust

Tech Horizons executive webinar series

The explosive growth of AI has only increased the pressure to unlock enterprise data. But enabling AI to consume your organization’s data also presents great risk. Not the least of which is the impact of applying models to low quality data. Which is why effective data governance has become such a critical subject for technology leaders. Without effective data governance in place, companies face regulatory and reputational risk, as well as the risk and cost of running a business on poor quality data. In this webinar our data experts will discuss how to enable data democratization (and all its benefits) while maintaining the necessary control to ensure high quality, trustworthy data.


Attendees will learn

  • The benefits of a federated, computational approach to data governance.
  • How DataOps practices can help ensure effective enforcement.
  • How effective data governance enables execution of your data & AI strategy.
  • How a lean, lightweight approach can help gain buy-in and achieve scale.


Event details and speakers to be announced soon.

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