UI Components By Design: Bridging the Designer-Developer Gap

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Even in an agile environment, the transition between design work and development work has been un-collaborative. Designers design a thing. Developers build a thing. And in the middle… a 1-way hand-off that lacks consideration for both crafts. We can do better. 

Ryan and Angelina share their challenges and insights in trying to break down that wall, learned from experiences on a large-scale, integrated UX design and UI development team. From strategies for building a purposeful team structure to technical considerations in implementing a library of UI components, you’ll hear relatable experiences and practical tips to create a more enjoyable, collaborative, and productive space for design and development.

Ryan Oglesby

Ryan Oglesby


I am a Lead Developer at ThoughtWorks. As a UI Specialist, I am passionate about modern user interface technologies and methodologies, especially the overlap with Experience Design. As a Tech Lead, I look for ways to streamline my team's development process so that we can deliver better software faster.

I'm based in Chicago, and when I'm not coding I am probably climbing, snowboarding, exploring my amazing city, or galavanting around the world.

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