Digital Commandments for Physical Stores and Spaces

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In the transformations that technology has brought to the market place, on one hand lies the inexorable rise of eCommerce and on the other lies the physical spaces, fighting and innovating to stay relevant.

The digi-dominated trends are seeing a slight change of track, what with eCommerce titans in India and in Seattle opening physical stores to showcase their wares. This is the start of something significant. And that should tell us something.

Nag and Sharath's presentation, Digital Commandments for Physical Stores and Spaces takes us through examples of how one can borrow and adapt digital ideas from online businesses to enhance physical spaces - read bank branches, amusement parks, hotels, brick and mortar retailers and the similar. This talk is based on the extensive work that ThoughWorks has carried out for both types of businesses from around the world.

Nagarjun Kandukuru

Nagarjun Kandukuru

VP - Global South Strategy

I’m responsible for ThoughtWorks' success in the emerging markets of India, China, Africa and América Latina. My job is to work out how to use the ever-changing technology environment to deliver long-term competitive advantage to our global clients as well as ThoughtWorks.

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Sharath Satish

Sharath Satish

Office technology principal

Sharath’s 10 years in technology has gained him significant experience in the spaces of large-scale distributed systems and integration of independent applications. His in-depth understanding of business domains and technology stacks makes him proficient in everything from Infrastructure as Code to Chaos Engineering to Domain Driven Design to User Interfaces.

As ThoughtWorks’ Office Technology Principal or OTP for Bangalore, Sharath works on strategic initiatives that modernize the client’s business. These include extending clients’ DevOps capability, upgrading systems to the latest technologies and introducing architectural patterns. Sharath has also helped several clients envision and develop omni-channel digital platforms.

This technology leader’s efforts in mentoring and nurturing the tech talent in ThoughtWorks Bangalore includes curating content for the company’s tech events in the city, identifying future tech leaders and influencing their career growth while consistently aligning regional tech strategies with global leadership and objectives. Lately, Sharath has been focusing on building digital platforms that employ a micro-services architecture, either greenfield or re-engineering large monoliths incrementally.

When not designing and building code, Sharath indulges in travel across the world. He is passionate about landscape and wildlife photography and winds down with fiction and fantasy novels while listening to a country or rock tune. Lately, Sharath has unearthed a keen interest in 3D printing and experiments with architecture by designing and building prototypes of modular buildings.


Sharath acquired his Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal.

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