Keynote: Creating Loyalty through Digital Innovation

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‘People powered pizza is our fuel to deliver great digital innovation for our customers’.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited aims to service their customer wherever they want to be, physically or digitally, providing a familiar experience across mediums. While the three key steps of ordering, making, and delivering pizza, haven't changed, Domino's is using technology to enhance customer experience across the board. In this presentation, Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited Chief Digital Officer, Michael Gillespie, showcases how Domino's is leading the way through recent innovations like 'Pizza Mogul' and 'GPS Driver Tracker'.

When it comes to digital innovation, Domino’s has a track record of being first to market. A strong focus on their people, process and R&D has allowed them to stand out from the crowd, as well as achieving wins at the operational level.

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Michael Gillespie

Michael Gillespie

Group Chief Digital Officer, Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited

Michael is the first Chief Digital Officer to be appointed at Domino’s Pizza Enterprises.

Michael is responsible for accelerating strategic digital growth in-line with the brand’s promotional rollout across all six markets - Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Japan.

Michael’s experience with the Domino’s brand spans over seven years. During this time his vision and commitment have helped Domino’s transform from a pizza delivery company into Australia’s most sophisticated online and digital retailer, with several advanced online ordering platforms and online initiatives.

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