Design as a team
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A practical guide to cross-functional collaboration

We believe cross-functional collaboration accelerates delivery of better outcomes for our users. However, it’s not always obvious what exactly that might look like. What practices are necessary to the team’s success?

You should read this if:

  • You are a designer trying to define what design agility looks like, from strategy to execution
  • You are a product manager who needs to articulate the difference between your role and that of a designer
  • You are a delivery team member (developer / quality analyst / project manager / etc) wondering, “What even is design? Why or how should I participate?”
  • You are a team lead trying to figure out how to build the right thing and build the thing right
  • You are looking for some specific examples of how to break down silos in product development and quickly deliver new capabilities for your users

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Through this guide, we’ll provide specific examples of what cross-functional collaboration can look like, while sharing some of the values and principles that motivated us.

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