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With Venture Launchpad, we partner with corporates to transform ideas, opportunities and bets into new digital ventures, products, and businesses. Our goal is to help you discover and identify new ways to create and capture value, and accelerate your journey towards continuous innovation. 

Our journey to venture building


Building new and differentiated products and businesses is no easy feat. Our step-by-step approach to venture building effectively guides you from early discovery and exploration of an idea towards product-market fit, then growing to its full potential. 


Stages of venture building diagram
Stages of venture building diagram

Discover your next big idea and make it a reality in weeks, not months

We partner with startups to scale them from early stages through hypergrowth, tricky acquisitions and on to successful IPOs


Our experience has taught us the common challenges that ventures face when they begin to grow and scale; and more importantly, how to overcome them. By helping these ventures navigate critical growth phases, we’ve developed the strategies to not just take your idea to market but continuously scale and evolve the venture over time.

A venture's growth goes through four phases

Diagram of four phases of a startup growth journey
Diagram of four phases of a startup growth journey

*KPIs depend on the context of the venture, often a combination of revenue, user acquisition, and retention, and traffic.

KPIs may change over the course of the growth journey