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Innovation Pathfinder

Build an innovation portfolio that delivers exceptional outcomes

Get your innovation portfolio on the right path — and keep it there


Every organization needs an innovation portfolio that delivers impact. This requires continually refreshing context, new research, frequent stakeholder realignment and constant evaluation of emerging technologies. And that’s easier said than done.


Thoughtworks’ Innovation Pathfinder makes it simple. We help you manage modern innovation portfolios and keep them tightly aligned with business needs, customer demands and emerging opportunities.

What is Innovation Pathfinder?


Innovation Pathfinder helps organizations continually harness emerging technologies to de-risk innovation and maximize returns. We enable you to disrupt your industry, and scale quickly to deliver meaningful impact and customer value.


We help you:


Establish and communicate the business benefits of each innovation idea
Assess and prioritize the ideas in your pipeline
Manage and measure bets across your portfolio to guide calculated decisions aligned with your risk appetite
Evaluate technology options available and align emerging tech with relevant innovation ideas
Build a strategic innovation portfolio that makes the most of current customer, market, and technology opportunities

Brilliant ideas are just the start…


We enable your teams to manage and maintain a portfolio capable of continuously creating business value and driving organizational evolution for years to come.


Our experts work with your organization to overcome innovation roadblocks. We can help you to:


  • Increase stakeholder alignment

  • Facilitate effective communication with and between leadership

  • Eliminate outdated or under-informed decision making 

  • Remove research bottlenecks

  • Agree innovation priorities

Meet the team

Ahmet Sakar
Ahmet Sakar

Technical Principal

Stuart Curran
Stuart Curran

Principal Consultant, Experience Design

Sarah Sulistio
Sarah Sulistio

Lead Product Strategist

Andy Nolan
Andy Nolan

Director of Emerging Technologies

Ready to get your innovation portfolio on the right path?