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Gen AI Clinics

AI-assisted Software Delivery

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Google Next'23 | Meeting Room #MRW-7

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Generative AI is the new buzz. There have been reports and claims that software engineering could be impacted by Generative AI by as much as 50%. These numbers, even if taken with a grain of salt, are too enticing to ignore - especially in tough times. Thoughtworks is offering a very limited number of free Gen AI clinics for AI-assisted Software Delivery with our experts at Google Cloud Next ‘23.  


Explore your suitability and readiness for Gen AI in software delivery. Our practical end-to-end perspective cuts through the hype. We are thought leaders in the tech industry for decades, and have led many clients on a journey to extract tangible business value from technology. We bring deep expertise in AI, data and software delivery.

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Gen AI Clinc overview


What is it? 

Free in-person workshops (up to 45 mins) on AI-assisted Software Delivery with Thoughtworks Gen AI Experts at Google Cloud Next ‘23 for enterprises looking to learn more about Gen AI and how it may impact your business and technology landscape. These sessions will be conducted in our dedicated meeting room (MRW-7) on the Expo floor at Next ‘23. There are only a limited number of sessions. So register today to secure one of these exclusive sessions!


Who is this for?

Business Leaders and IT Decision makers (Director level and above) responsible for significant software portfolio or developer experience in large enterprises looking for Gen AI use-cases.


What will I get out of it?

You will get a brief diagnosis of your Gen AI readiness/journey in end-to-end software by our experts and high-level recommendations of next steps for your AI strategy in the SDLC customized to their priorities and objectives.

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