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Last updated : Jan 28, 2015
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Jan 2015
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Grunt is rapidly becoming the de facto JavaScript build tool with high adoption and a growing ecosystem. While slower than newer alternatives, such as Gulp, in terms of file processing, Grunt covers a broader set of build-related activities, has a proliferation of plugins and makes it easy to author and publish self-written plugins to npm.

Jul 2014
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We have seen a growth in the Grunt ecosystem and it is currently being used in several of our projects. With the proliferation of plugins and the ease to author and publish self-written plugins to npm, automation using Grunt can be done with little effort. We suggest choosing a task runner that best meets the needs of the project and Grunt is one of the task runners you should consider.
Jan 2014
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Several of our Thoughtworks teams developing Node.js apps are using Grunt to automate most of the development activities like minification, compilation, and linting. Many of the common tasks are available as Grunt plugins. You can even programmatically generate the configuration if necessary.
Published : Jan 28, 2014

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