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The Composable Architecture

Published : Mar 29, 2022
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Mar 2022
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Developing apps for iOS has become more streamlined over time, and SwiftUI moving into Adopt is a sign of that. Going beyond the general nature of SwiftUI and other common frameworks, The Composable Architecture (TCA) is both a library and an architectural style for building apps. It was designed over the course of a series of videos, and the authors state that they had composition, testing and ergonomics in mind, building on a foundation of ideas from The Elm Architecture and Redux. As expected, the narrow scope and opinionatedness is both a strength and a weakness of TCA. We feel that teams who don't have a lot of expertise in writing iOS apps, which are often teams who may be looking after multiple related codebases with different tech stacks, stand to benefit the most from using an opinionated framework like TCA, and we like the opinions expressed in TCA.

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