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JavaScript as a first class language

Last updated : Mar 16, 2012
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Mar 2012
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Rich experiences delivered via the web to desktops, tablets and mobile devices rely heavily on JavaScript, and we continue to recommend treating JavaScript as a “first class” language within your application. Developers should carefully consider how they structure, test, refactor and maintain JavaScript code, applying the same rigor as they would with any other programming language.
Jul 2011
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The maintainability, testability and readability of JavaScript is a very significant contributor to the productivity of teams producing Web-based applications and sites. Thoughtworks believes JavaScript deserves to be treated as a first class language, viewing it as second class citizen has become an excuse for a whole series of bad practice we would not tolerate in Java or C#. We need to use the same kind of tools (e.g. unit testing) and approaches (e.g. refactoring) as we’d use for any other production language. V8 and other JavaScript engines are raising the bar on performance, while Flash & Silverlight seem to be losing momentum to HTML5 + JavaScript in areas where a rich client-like experience is required. This is good news for all interested in open standards on the Web.
Jan 2011
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Aug 2010
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Apr 2010
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Jan 2010
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Published : Jan 11, 2010

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