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Neelu Tripathy

Security Practice Lead

Neelu's current area of work includes maturing the security practice at Thoughtworks, along with timely threat identification, vulnerability management, assessment, building security capability and security automation. The goal is to building security into the application ecosystems. 


Neelu has a rich background in the offensive security primarily across Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration testing, Red Teaming, Threat Modelling and Design Reviews of web applications & APIs, Source Code Reviews, Social Engineering & Mass Reconnaissance.


She is an OSCP and has spoken/trained at various security conferences such as BlackHat, Nullcon, c0c0n, rootconf and BSidesDelhi and organised villages at Defcon and Nullcon. Neelu is active in the Indian Security community and also on the review board for NullCon and CySEK Marketplace(Karnataka Gov).