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Headshot of Kathryn Heffernan

Kathryn Heffernan

Portfolio Director

Kathryn learned the ropes of digital transformation through the lens of consumer payments. Starting her payments career by launching a new kind of traveller cheque - the hugely innovative Euro-denominated ones - she continued on with Mastercard to help drive consumer uptake of chip cards, encourage banks to try out contactless cards, and ensure merchant adoption of contactless technology. She finished her time in payments by helping banks understand how to securely embed payments into mobile phones, and why that made business sense for them.


In her four years at Thoughtworks, Kathryn found and grew one of our largest focus accounts in the region, grew our Thailand offshore delivery center from 25 to 125 people, and is now Portfolio Director for our suite of Focus Accounts. She believes that technology careers are a great place for English majors to stretch their problem solving and analytical thinking skills.