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Darius Kumana

Darius Kumana

Principal Consultant and Experience Design Lead

I work for Thoughtworks where I fulfill a number of different roles spanning experience design, business analysis, strategy and leadership.

This is an exciting time in our industry where an increased focus on value is forcing the Agile and Experience Design worlds to come together.

At Thoughtworks I am privileged to not just have a front-row seat - but be part of the action!

I am particularly interested in facilitating the institutionalisation of user-experience as a valued discipline within organisations undergoing Agile Transformation.

I have successfully introduced and integrated user-centered design functions within different organisations (ranging from right-brained creative agencies to left-brained technology focused corporates).

In my spare time I have helped to create a variety of corporate training courses on Agile User-Experience, User-Centered Design and related disciplines. I also used to lecture on usability and UCD at Birkbeck University in London.