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Daniel Horton

Head of Retail, North America

Dedicated to shaping the future of retail technology, Daniel Horton's expertise is derived from his relentless pursuit of intertwining culture, technology, and business processes to innovate within the retail landscape. 


Daniel's background include influential roles as a technologist, retail consultant and business owner, where he meticulously crafted solutions for various enterprises and led transformative teams that revolutionized traditional business practices through the lens of technology.


As a thought leader, Daniel's voice resonates across the retail and technology domains. He has co-authored a book, authored several articles and pens a regular newsletter. Titles include "Convergent commerce: The new face of consumer-centric retail" and "Beyond the Cart: How Generative AI is Crafting the Ultimate Shopping Experience". Daniel also cohosts a technology podcast: Think Big and Code Small, presenting an eclectic blend of expertise and perspectives.