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Open Source and Startups in Brazil

“One of the things that is amazing in the Global South, especially in Brazil, is the growing use of open source software [...] We are now talking about open source in terms of business relevance, for example, and open innovation or low cost experimentation particularly for startups,” says Claudia Melo, head of technology for Latin America.

I talked with her in a 21-minute interview about open source as a catalyst for change in Brazil, especially in the startup scene.

This episode explores two main topics: open source and the startup scene in Brazil. Open source helps businesses and organizations in Brazil grow because it can be understood and customised - and it’s free to use.  In the public health sector one excellent example is OpenMRS.

As an associate researcher for the University of São Paulo, Claudia has started a research project on innovation to compare the startups scenes in the United States, in Israel and in Brazil. What would you guess is the most vibrant startup city in Brazil? Listen and find out. 

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