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Open and Ready to Mingle - Part 3 - The Macro Dev Toolkit

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we demonstrated how RESTful APIs and OpenSocial Gadgets can be used to further extend Mingle’s functionality. We now take a quick look at how Mingle simplifies macro creation with its very own Macro dev toolkit.

The Macro dev toolkit is a way to create custom charts and reports in Mingle cards and pages. The toolkit is available as a gem, either with your Mingle download (in the <MINGLE_HOME>/tools directory where <MINGLE HOME> is the directory where Mingle is installed) or via the web at Github.


The Mingle Dependency Tracker allows dependencies between cards and projects to be recorded and tracked. The tracker (which can be customized further) displays a table of cards with both the cards that they depend on and those that are dependent on them. Cards are color-coded to indicate if their dependencies have been met or not.


How do you extend Mingle?

For other cool extensions, and to share your own, visit our Mingle Community


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