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Innovation is Not Magic

While innovation is not achieved by following the steps used in traditional projects... it is not based in magic either. It is a craft, and as with any craft, there are fundamentals to help lead to success. We have identified 9 risks to an innovator’s journey available in our new eBook, The Actionable Innovation Toolkit. In a very real sense, being successful at innovation requires an understanding of the identified risks and the ability to deal with them.

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Let's take a look at Risk #1: Ideas Without a User. This type of risk falls under failing to identify The Problem

Meet Len. 

Len has a really exciting idea. He can’t talk about anything else (just ask his wife and co-workers). His idea leverages new technology and he’s even had some bloggers write articles about his creative work. Everyone agrees the idea is amazing, but when he’s finished, no one lines up to use it. It’s bright, shiny and unused.

Does this sound familiar? It was a great idea; everyone said so. So what went wrong? 

Len rushed to a solution, and created an innovation that has no natural user. Innovators can get excited about things they can do and can become dazzled by the splendor of their own creation. When someone has an idea, it is only human nature to rush forward to a solution. People often move deep into the creative process with only the vaguest idea of who will use their invention.

Don't be a Len. Download our free Actionable Innovation Toolkit. 

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