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"Big Data" Agile Analytics

Agile Analytics is a combination of sophisticated analytics techniques, lean learning principles, agile delivery methods, and "big data" technologies. In a recent talk I gave at AgileAustralia 2013 on Agile Analytics, I discussed in detail the following seven topics:  

  1. Big Data (and why I hate that term)
  2. Advanced Analytics compared to data science versus more mainstream application development.
  3. The importance of impact as part of analytics
  4. Agile Delivery
  5. Lean Learning
  6. Solutions Thinking (what is and why it's important)
  7. Ethics (data privacy) 

With sophisticated analytics, cool new technologies, lean learning principles and agile delivery methods, data science is an exciting, emerging field to join.

Watch my talk, hosted on InfoQ, and let me know what you think are the top issues for data scientists.     

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