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Thoughtworks Named “Leader” in 2019 Top Companies for Women Technologists Program

Thoughtworks, a global software consultancy, is honored to be recognized as a “Leader” in the 2019 Insights Report issued as part of the Top Company for Women Technologists Program by AnitaB.org, a nonprofit organization focused on the advancement of women in computing. Thoughtworks was one of four companies recognized in the small workforce category for companies with less than 1,000 technical employees.


AnitaB.org’s Top Companies is a national program, in its ninth year, that provides quantitative assessments, using data supplied by participating companies and a rigorous statistical methodology, to objectively score participants on a number of key metrics. This year, 76 companies were evaluated, accounting for more than 572,000 technologists across a variety of fields.


“Technologists build the software that powers our world and with that power comes great responsibility,” said Dr. Rebecca Parsons, chief technology officer at Thoughtworks and a member of AnitaB.org’s Board of Trustees. “No organization can create lasting change alone. It’s time for all organizations to take responsibility and ensure the technology they build is created by a workforce reflective of the society they serve.”


“As someone who served on AnitaB.org’s Women of Color Council, I’m encouraged by the Insights Report data, which shows an increase in Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx representation over the previous year,” said Tarsha McCormick, head of persity and inclusion in North America at Thoughtworks. “While this positive shift is promising, there’s still work to be done to ensure companies across the board have cultures rooted in inclusivity—so women from all backgrounds who are working in technology choose to stay in technology.”


Thoughtworks takes pride in the innovative persity and inclusion efforts spearheaded across its 43 offices worldwide. The company has more than 60 programs that focus on everything from race, gender persity, and LGBTQIA+, to mental health, caregivers, and neuropersity. While Thoughtworks is honored to be recognized for their efforts, the work is never finished.


If you’re interested in joining a community of talented technologists who are shaping the future of tech, visit Thoughtworks Careers to learn how to make your mark.


About Top Companies


AnitaB.org Top Companies for Women Technologists is a national program that recognizes companies committed to building workplaces where women in technology roles can thrive. The program uses rigorous methodology to analyze data from participating organizations and produce insights across three key areas: representation, employee workplace experience, and programs and policies.


About AnitaB.org


AnitaB.org is a nonprofit social enterprise committed to increasing the representation of women technologists in the global workforce. AnitaB.org engages with tens of thousands of women and leading organizations around the world to build perse and inclusive workplace cultures. Founded in 1997 by our namesake, computer science visionary Anita Borg, our organization works toward a future where the teams that create technology mirror the people and societies for whom they build it.