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seguranca e o foco em tecnologia para 2015

Security is the focus on technology for 2015

Trend has been noted in newly released report by Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks, a global consulting and development of custom-made software, has released its latest Technology Radar, a study that looks at the key trends that impact the software development and business strategies. The report is based on the practical experience of the company's offices around the world, and it is structured around four areas - Techniques, Platforms, Tools, and Languages ​​& Frameworks.


"Each company has its own challenges, and the best way to confront them is through rapid changes," said Craig Gorsline, COO and President of Thoughtworks. "The Technology Radar is a tool that helps companies stay current on a landscape that is constantly evolving. Companies that use software to fit the needs of their customers are the ones that will create the competitiveness to solve their current and future business problems."


"In 2015, software security will continue to gain importance," says Dr. Claudia Melo, technology director for Thoughtworks Brazil. "Many still rely on traditional security approaches based on specifications and validations in the development cycle. We advocate the inclusion of safety practices throughout the cycle, from the start of design to delivery to the customer."


The main topics of this edition of the Technology Radar are:


- Explosive growth in DevOps arena - Much of the work in this radar involved the evaluation of various technologies related to DevOps, growing swiftly. Innovation in this area is constant, and we believe this is likely to go on.


- Next generation data platforms gain traction - Big Data is nothing new - we have even been advising against buying into the hype for some time - but we are starting to see related technologies excel and be useful to businesses.


- Developers focused on security tools - every week there are new stories about data leakage or misuse, and the demand for secure systems that respect the privacy of data is growing. The tools mentioned in this edition of the Technology Radar can help developers build secure systems and infrastructures.


Click here to view the Technology Radar.


About the Technology Radar


The Technology Radar is a study by theTechnology Advisory Board (or TAB), composed of 20 senior technologists from Thoughtworks around the world, who serve as regular advisers to the Global Technology Director of Thoughtworks, Dr. Rebecca Parsons.