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mingle in the cloud

Mingle in the Cloud

We can now offer you Mingle immediately. No delay. You don’t need to wait while you provision a database and a server to host Mingle.

Update on Aug, 2020: Mingle in the cloud is no longer available with Mingle development being discontinued since July 2019. We have open sourced the Mingle codebase and you can find more information about it here.


Thoughtworks Studios, a leading provider in Agile software solutions and training is proud to announce the availability of its Mingle® project management tool in the cloud. Available today, customers can now access Mingle in a faster and more convenient way via Mingle in the cloud.


Mingle in the cloud enables distributed teams to work more freely by removing the need for firewalls. This continues the Mingle product tradition of enabling teams to work the way they want to. In addition, this offers teams the ability to stay up-to-date with the latest functionality. By utilizing Mingle in the cloud, teams will no longer be dependent on their internal resources for upgrades.


As software vendors and experienced practitioners, Thoughtworks Studios understands the need for ensuring isolation and security of data. The steps Thoughtworks Studios takes to protect customer data are the same steps taken to protect its own data from unauthorized access. Specific details on the security of Mingle in the cloud can be found on the Thoughtworks Studios website.


Mingle in the cloud is available for all customers today. Thoughtworks Studios will continue to give customers the choice of installing Mingle onsite on their own servers, or having the products delivered from the cloud. In addition, teams of five or fewer may use Mingle in the cloud for free.