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Published : Apr 26, 2023
Apr 2023
Trial ? Worth pursuing. It is important to understand how to build up this capability. Enterprises should try this technology on a project that can handle the risk.

TruffleHog is an open-source SAST (static application security testing) tool for detecting secrets in various sources. While GitHub and GitLab repositories are the most popular use cases, it can also be used to scan cloud storage buckets like S3 and GCS, local files and directories and CircleCI logs. Developers can set up TruffleHog as a pre-commit hook or scan the history of existing repositories in an entire GitHub organization to detect secrets. The tool supports detecting custom regex patterns, which have been found to be quite useful even in its current alpha stage. TruffleHog also has an enterprise version, but our devs have found the open-source version easy to set up and sufficient for the most common use cases. The tool has a very active community who regularly adds features.

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