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Sriram Narayan


With more than 20 years of IT experience, Sriram helps clients improve the performance of their Digital, IT (build & run) and product management organizations with a focus on the "system" (systems influence behavior). He is the author of Agile IT Org Design, a book that describes a complete tech operating model (ways of working) for digital, organizational agility. Enterprisers Project​​—a joint initiative of Harvard Business Review and the CIO Magazine​​​—featured the book as a must-read for CIOs in 2016. It was also featured in a digital leaders reading list. 


In particular, Sriram helps:


  • Redesign budgets, org-structure, etc. to move from projects to products-mode with pull-based delivery.
  • Implement Cleararchy to organize hierarchy for the digital age.


  • Strategic in-sourcing advisory.


  • Redesign the so-called "software-factory" to optimize for delivery cycle time instead of utilization.


  • Get the business org on-board through benefits-audits and pilot programs.
  • Review chargeback mechanisms between departments and propose changes to avoid counterproductive behaviors.
  • Tear down walls between departments labeled as digital, product, tech, engineering and IT.
  • Reform staffing, tooling, governance, metrics, internal bureaucracy. Read why.
  • Address issues arising out of Bimodal IT, SAFe.

Earlier, he served as:


  • Director of innovation
  • Member of the Thoughtworks technology advisory board - the group that publishes the tech radar
  • Leadership development coach
  • Market-facing Product Owner
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Contact: Please fill this form or email sriram.narayan@thoughtworks.com