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Harsh Dadhich

Lead Product Manager

Harsh has 15+ years of experience of research and practice in building great customer experiences. He holds a PhD in consumer psychology. He has worked with both large and small organisations to build award-winning products, long-term strategy and sustainable competitive advantage. He leverages deep understanding of diverse fields such as economics, technology, psychology and marketing to tackle business challenges and find novel high-impact solutions. 


As a product leader, Harsh has led multiple organisations through digital and product transformations. In his latest engagements, he helped a challenger bank redefine their strategy and become product-led. This directly influenced key decisions over their multi-billion lending portfolios. He has led an EV Charging company to become more customer-centric and helped a large logistics firm to adopt product fundamentals.


Harsh has worked in the public sector as well. He established the Automation Delivery Centre at Ofsted. He also co-founded and ran a fintech startup to unlock the potential of research in asset management. 


Harsh supports clients across their problem solving journey to answer big, complex and ill-defined challenges. This could include creating a new business model, unlocking a new segment of customers, building new products or improving teams’ structure and knowledge. He remains focused on realising value for the clients and ensuring teams have clarity and support to achieve it.