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Solving traffic problems in platforms with dynamic and automatic scaling, using continuous integration.

Trade is an Ecuadorian technology agency that uses data analysis and experience design to create solutions with high transactional capacity, creating experiences that with their simplicity facilitate the user's life, creating frequency and loyalty. They combine technology, know-how and passion to create products that represent their three lines of business: X-Mart, X-One and Scope.


Since the 2020 pandemic, online sales grew exponentially and Trade's digital platforms had to scale to meet demand, as there were times when traffic was low and suddenly, demand would reach 10 times more. 

Thoughtworks's work automated the process, so that resources were proportional to the number of users on the platform. By using Continuous Integration, Trade had complete control over its platform, being able to make changes and upgrades quickly and securely.  This resulted in savings of a third of what was previously paid on automatic scaling.


Together with Thoughtworks, they were able to establish good development practices to handle more requests per minute at a lower cost, solving the traffic problem they were experiencing as demand grew.

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