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Google Cloud Vertex AI

Last updated : Sep 27, 2023
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Sep 2023
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Significant developments have happened in the AI landscape since we first blipped Google Cloud Vertex AI. Since May 2023, Google has introduced several services and features to enrich this realm. These additions include Model Garden, a repository of 100+ pre-trained models; Generative AI Studio, a console intended to rapidly explore and prototype generative AI models; and Vertex AI Extensions which provides fully managed developer tools to connect AI models and real-time data or actions via APIs. The platform has evolved to offer GenAI models and integration support, and we’re excited to use it more extensively.

Oct 2022
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GCP Vertex AI is a unified artificial intelligence platform that allows teams to build, deploy and scale machine-learning (ML) models. Vertex AI includes pretrained models, which can be used directly, fine-tuned or combined with AutoML, as well as infrastructure such as feature stores and pipelines for ML models. We like Vertex AI's integrated capabilities, which help to make it feel like a coherent AI platform.

Published : Oct 26, 2022

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