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Published : Oct 26, 2022
Oct 2022
Hold ? Proceed with caution

We're seeing some interest in the Carbon programming language. That doesn't come as a surprise: it has Google's backing and is presented as a natural successor to C++. In our opinion C++ can't be replaced fast enough as software engineers have shown, over the past decades, that writing safe and error-free C++ code is extremely difficult and time-consuming. While Carbon is an interesting concept with its focus on migration from C++, without a working compiler, it's clearly a long way from being usable and there are other modern programming languages that are good choices if you want to migrate from C++. It's too early to tell whether Carbon will become the natural successor to C++, but, from today's perspective, we recommend that teams look at Rust and Go rather than postponing a migration because they're waiting for Carbon to arrive.

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