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Last updated : Mar 29, 2022
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Mar 2022
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Lighthouse is a tool written by Google to assess web applications and web pages, collecting performance metrics and insights on good development practices. We've long advocated for performance testing as a first-class citizen, and the additions to Lighthouse that we mentioned five years ago certainly helped with that. Our thinking around architectural fitness functions created strong motivation for tools such as Lighthouse to be run in build pipelines. With the introduction of Lighthouse CI, it has become easier than ever to include Lighthouse in pipelines managed by various tools.

Nov 2017
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Lighthouse is a tool written by Google to assess web applications for adherence to Progressive Web App standards. This year's Lighthouse 2.0 release adds performance metrics and accessibility checks to the basic toolset. This added functionality has now been incorporated into the standard Chrome developer tools under the audit tab. Lighthouse 2.0 is yet another beneficiary of Chrome's headless mode. This provides an alternative to Pa11y and similar tools for running accessibility checks in a continuous integration pipeline, since the tool can be run from the command line or standalone as a Node.js application.

Published : Nov 30, 2017

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