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May is looking to be quite an exciting month at Thoughtworks Studios. I'm writing to give a quick preview of Go’s new value stream mapping, a SaaS version of Mingle, and Snap, our new CI/CD in the cloud offering for users of Github and Heroku.

Let's start by taking a look at a screenshot from a new Go feature on one of our dog food servers.


So, what are we looking at here? Each of these boxes are a Go pipeline. Taken together, they form the full deployment pipeline for a program of work. To date, Go's pipeline dependency view has been limited to a single step upstream and a single step down. But here we see the entire dependency graph. This will be available in Go 13.2. And this is not just a cool diagram. It’s the beginning of a value stream map. It shows Go managing dependencies & build process across the entire stream. This is Go at its most powerful.

But let's look more closely at this diagram (click to enlarge). If you start reading the names of the pipelines (mingle-deb, mingle_ami, mingle-saas) it should quickly become apparent that what's being built here is a Mingle SaaS offering. And in fact, we have just launched a Mingle SaaS offering. Beta users are already live.

Equally exciting, but not captured in this diagram... We'll be launching the Beta program for Snap, our new CI/CD in the cloud offering. Not everyone is building the type of systems reflected in the diagram above. Many systems are much more simple. If you are using Github, Ruby, and Heroku well then Snap might be just the thing to get you pushing code through a pipeline and into production in minutes.



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