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And the winner of the best Card Wall is...

First Place: Hourglass Scrum-Ban Board (Winner of an iPad Mini)

“Hourglass” is our first place winner. We like it for its: 1) practice of identifying the team’s bottleneck; 2) creative and intuitive implementation of WIP limits; 3) clear visualization of what’s in progress and what’s on deck; and 4) simplicity (no clutter on this wall!). Read more about the story behind this wall.

Runner-Up: Shark Tank (Winner of a Kindle)

Shark tank came in as runner up. We liked it for its inventiveness and creativity, both unique to the team who ideated it. It also excels at focusing attention on work in progress and who’s doing it. It also speaks to the team’s simple three-stage workflow (to doing, doing, and done), two stages of which they visualize on the wall: work in progress (to be eaten away) and work soon to be available to those chomping jaws. Read more about shark tank’s story.

Runner-Up: The Vortex (Winner of a Kindle)

Another runner up is the Vortex wall, which is also fondly known as the “whirlpool” and “tornado” by its team. The brightly colored rings communicate the various stages, which we thought was an inventive spin on the standard column layout. It’s clear which cards are closest to done -- the bullseye -- and who’s working on them. The wall is a great talking point for the team, who enjoy the wall they painted themselves in their daily stand-ups. Read more about this Vortex wall.

Thank you!

Thanks to all who participated. We hope you enjoyed checking out all of the submission as much as we did, and perhaps got some ideas to improve your own wall.

All participants will receive a t-shirt from Thoughtworks Studios. If you haven’t received an email from our team requesting an address please let us know so we can get your gear to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again and keep following us @tw_studios.


We are on a mission to find the best card wall and we need your help! Be it physical, digital, or quantumly entangled, we want to see how your team shares their work in progress.

Join the search for the best card wall:

Starting on Tuesday, April 16th, we will post every card wall picture we receive on our Pinterest board.

On April 30th, the Mingle Team and agileboardhacks.com will decide who has the best card wall. The first place winner will receive an iPad mini and the runner up a Kindle Fire!

P.S. Tips for winning:

  • Give us your name and your twitter account (if you have one) so we can “@” you
  • Give your card wall pic a very brief title
  • Include a link to your website or send us the description
  • Join the conversation on Twitter! Replies to #BestCardWall tweets will help our judges decide who has the best card wall

Judging criteria:

  • Does this card wall clearly radiate information to the team?
  • Does it encourage team conversation?
  • Does this card wall express your team’s unique personality?
  • How does this wall support your team’s needs?

Now, let’s see those card walls!


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