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SmartCap Technologies
SmartCap Technologies

Redefining work safety for commercial drivers

SmartCap Technologies is a Brisbane based biotechnology business, that wants to save lives by empowering professional drivers and equipment operators to manage their own fatigue. By enabling monitoring, both at work and outside, SmartCap ensures that people get home safely every day.

Since hitting the market in 2009, SmartCap has become the global leader in the alertness and fatigue monitoring space.

Their new product, Life by SmartCap, consists of the LifeBand which can be worn on its own or inside any type of headwear. It utilises EEG, which measures the electrical activity of your brain, to provide operator fatigue alerts via Bluetooth to the Life App as the risk of a microsleep is identified. The wearable technology is predictive and the most accurate fatigue monitoring solution on the market at 94.7%.

We wanted to move away from the initial truck-based solution we had and draw on the technologies that people actually use. The next generation of the SmartCap product consists of a fully mobile and easy to use solution.
Greg Smyth
SmartCap Technologies Engineering Manager

SmartCap partnered with Thoughtworks to create this next generation of their product. The collaboration began with a discovery piece, where the team ideated around ways to extend the product, before creating a roadmap for future development. Continuous software delivery methods allowed SmartCap to release a market-ready product, showcased at both MINExpo and the American Trucking Associations Exhibition in Las Vegas, in under twelve weeks.

The result is an Android application that replaces the proprietary display, including value-add features such as a ‘night mode,’ which increases usability and reduces the risk of distraction in poor light conditions.

The new generation wearable is designed for both heavy industry and commercial transport applications. As a truly ‘anywhere, anytime’ solution, SmartCap’s award-winning technology can facilitate genuine safety improvements in a broader range of businesses.

Through our partnership with Thoughtworks, we saw a shared passion for safety, quality, and thinking outside the box.
Dush Wimal
SmartCap Technologies CEO

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