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Venu Murthy

Cloud architect and developer

Living on the edge has been the quintessence of my life!


In my decade long, rich and exciting experience, I've been fortunate to work on the technologies dictating the future and applying these learnings to get the holy grail of "customer satisfaction". 



From being able to lead the management of mission critical applications for various leading enterprises to migrating legacy systems to the cloud, I've been fortunate imbibing the nuances of various domains.



After leading the maintenance of mission critical applications for a large Multinational bank, I moved ahead in similar role for a leading safety certification agency in the world, followed by spearheading Thoughtworks into the cloud. I single handily migrated a large user base from legacy systems to the cloud several years ago and automated all the processes using the most happening programming language-- Python. Due to the flawless and precise automation nothing else was left for me to do manually and hence I moved on to exploring the world of Public and Private Clouds!


Marrying the beast Amazon web services (AWS) Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) to the Private Cloud enabler or as some say "Linux of the Cloud"--OpenStack is the effort I am leading. Which will make the conceptual Hybrid clouds a reality and allow Enterprises with Private Cloud to be able to burst into public clouds when the need arises.


Under my leadership we also Open Sourced the "Software Defined Environments" using OpenSource Software such as OpenStack, Go CD, Linux, Chef and such recently.