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Allied Irish Bank
Allied Irish Bank (AIB)

Transforming Retail Banking

Giving customers the power to do what they want, when they want, quickly.

With customers at the heart of everything they do, Allied Irish Bank (AIB) wanted to create a retail banking solution focused on their customers’ needs.

Thoughtworks partnered with AIB to develop a solution centred around mobile banking. A new world in financial services organisations is emerging, and partnerships are becoming its key theme.

Through the release of AIB’s retail banking app, a group of technologists and business people show how moving towards a model of collaboration with the focus on customer value at the centre can provide the ultimate customer experience.

We have an app today that is designed for our customers, by our customers. The outcome will be something to provide a foundation. That’s powerful. That’s the future
John Brennan
Head of Online Channel Development, AIB

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