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digital fluency model

Thoughtworks Launches Digital Fluency Model: A Guide for Organizational Resilience Amidst Disruption

Global Software Consultancy Introduces Digital Roadmap to Minimize Investment Risk

Today, Thoughtworks launched the Digital Fluency Model (DFM), to help business and technology leaders build the digital capabilities necessary to navigate uncertainty and establish long-term organizational resilience.


With businesses of all sizes facing unprecedented disruption and change, the DFM helps companies create agility by refocusing business and technology investments to reduce risk and accelerate value creation.


Unlike most tools for modern businesses, the DFM is not a maturity model, assessment tool, or an-off-the-shelf product offering predetermined solutions. Instead, it is a future-looking, constantly evolving resource that can help inpiduals determine what sensible default investments must be made to build organizational resilience and navigate disruption. This allows organizations to reprioritize, adapt, and respond to the new normal, aligned with their unique business goals. Not every organization requires the same level of investment across all capabilities.


“It’s important not to respond to the battle behind you; an assessment of where you are is less valuable than where you need to go. Organizations need to unlock a more intimate understanding of their unique pattern of digital fluency, especially in the face of chaos, aligning investments to accelerating business strategy and building the capability to respond to disruption all of the time,” said Gary O’Brien, digital fluency principal at Thoughtworks. “It’s our hope that the Digital Fluency Model will help businesses across a variety of industries navigate this new normal, emerge with an even stronger digital foundation, and be more operationally agile and resilient than ever before.”


As new patterns of customer demand emerge, the DFM is a comprehensive tool specifically designed for executives and transformation program managers, as well as other leaders responsible for developing and maintaining their organization’s digital efficiencies. DFM users are guided through the ‘fluency levels’ for five key digital capabilities, to identify their aspirational goal for each. Thoughtworks then makes recommendations for the appropriate level of investment required to achieve each goal.


For information on the Digital Fluency Model visit https://www.thoughtworks.com/digital-fluency/digital-fluency-model.