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Thoughtworks Arts

Global emerging technology research lab

Cutting-edge collaborations between Thoughtworks and artists


Thoughtworks Arts incubates artists and technologist collaborations to investigate the impacts of emerging technologies on industry, culture and society.


The Thoughtworks Arts suite of programs enables practice-based research, directed by cutting-edge artistic inquiry, driven by the capabilities of the global technology community.

Art and technology partnerships present a unique and powerful lens for engaging with technology. Art enables freedom to make large, cross-disciplinary conceptual and physical leaps across technical, scientific, industrial, creative and societal areas.

Thoughtworks Arts Programs

The Thoughtworks Arts Residency program embeds artists full-time within the Thoughtworks global technology organization. 

The lab is known as a free, weekly co-working community, offering access to high-end hardware and a community with a culture of exploration.

The Art-A-Hack program, run in locations including St. Petersburg, Russia and in New York City, curates and facilitates the creation of prototypes. 

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