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Thoughtworks and Tencent Cloud signed a strategic cooperation agreement to work together to empower the digital transformation of enterprises

Thoughtworks and Tencent Cloud signed a strategic cooperation agreement to work together to empower the digital transformation of enterprises

Thoughtworks and Tencent Cloud signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Wuhan, China. The two parties will fully combine their leading product platforms and technical consulting capabilities to create competitive and innovative digital joint solutions to empower more companies to achieve digital transformation.


Thoughtworks signed a contract with Tencent Cloud


Complementary advantages to help more business users in their digital transformation

With the rapid development of the global digital economy, China has entered the era of big data. Many companies are now actively using emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to accelerate digital transformation. For enterprises, digital transformation is a long-term and complex task. It requires finding the breakthrough point of digital transformation and making steady progress with the help of professional service platforms and industry leading solutions.


Thoughtworks, which provides digital transformation consulting and high quality software development services for enterprises, and Tencent Cloud, which helps many enterprises go to the cloud, are both important drivers of enterprise digital transformation. Now that the two parties have reached a strategic cooperation, they will conduct in-depth cooperation in three aspects: microservice consulting, agile & DevOps, and security. Through innovative solutions, they will help enterprise customers improve their IT management, consolidate their information infrastructure, and drive new growth through digitalization.


Thoughtworks and Tencent Cloud's current scope of cooperation


Zhang Song, General Manager of Thoughtworks, is pleased with this partnership: "In this post-pandemic era, many enterprises have achieved phased results in their digital transformation. With the deepening of the digital transformation of various industries, and after the completion of business on the cloud, its digital applications have become richer but more complex. Resource elasticity and the value of simplified operation and maintenance are still the basis for enterprises to go to the cloud, and application agile development iteration is becoming the new normal of cloud services. Cloud native has also become the common choice of internet companies and government and enterprises. Cloud native has not only set off a new wave in the cloud computing era, but also opened up the best path for corporate digital transformation. Based on global and cross-industry experience, Thoughtworks combines evolutionary architecture practices and data scenario exploration experience with Tencent Cloud’s cloud native platform to further deepen the various enterprise business scenarios and help achieve a consistent application experience."


Chen Ping, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, said: "Under the wave of digitalization, more and more companies are dissatisfied with traditional systems and are looking for new business growth opportunities through the application of cutting-edge technologies. Tencent Cloud has had the advantage of cutting-edge technology for a long time, and has remained fully open while making continuous breakthroughs. Thoughtworks provides leading consulting services in digital transformation. Cooperation between the two will only magnify each other's advantages and provide enterprises with one-stop technology application solutions, helping customers across industries to accelerate the pace of digital transformation."


Innovate together — Improve corporate efficiency with leading solutions

"Microservices" have recently become a popular architectural pattern. They advocate for dividing a single application into a set of small services. These services are coordinated with each other, and each service is independently developed, tested, deployed and upgraded, giving it strong flexibility. After years of technology accumulation, the Tencent microservices team provides users with a one-stop microservice solution—Tencent Service Framework (TSF) to help enterprise customers solve the difficulties of traditional centralized architecture transformation and create a large-scale, highly available distributed system architecture to realize the rapid implementation of business and products. At present, the average daily request call volume of the microservice platform TSF exceeds 100 billion, providing technical support for hundreds of customers such as Bank of China, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Seventh National Population Census, Jiangsu Department of Human Resources and Social Security, FAW-Volkswagen, and China Southern Power Grid. As a leader in microservices technology, Thoughtworks will join forces with Tencent, aiming to serve various industries and help enterprises succeed.


As a pioneer of agile delivery, Thoughtworks has redefined microservice architecture through best practices such as continuous delivery and continuous integration, and summed up a set of digital transformation experiences suitable for modern enterprise business changes, greatly improving the efficiency and creativity of organizations. The Tencent Cloud CODING DevOps one-stop software R&D management platform provides a series of tools and products such as code management, project collaboration, test management, continuous integration, product library, continuous deployment, and team knowledge base. From requirement submission to product iteration, from code development to software testing and deployment, the entire process is completed in coding. It can provide customers from all walks of life with mature R&D management digital transformation, R&D management norms, agile & DevOps and other solutions to improve employee collaboration, efficiency, and creativity to help employees better adapt to the development needs of the company.


At present, agile & DevOps (integration of R&D and operation) has become mainstream in all walks of life around the world. It can reshape the methods of IT organization and collaboration, accelerate end-to-end delivery efficiency, deliver valuable products, and precipitate best practices and tools, thereby enhancing the business responsiveness of enterprises and promoting the growth of enterprise efficiency. The agile & DevOps joint solution from Thoughtworks and Tencent Cloud has been successfully implemented in customers such as China Pacific Insurance and LBX Pharmacy Chain.


Agile DevOps Digital Transformation Joint Solution


Thoughtworks, as an advocate and practitioner of agile and microservices, combined with Tencent Cloud’s cloud-native technology platform and Tencent Cloud’s CODING DevOps one-stop software R&D management platform, will continue to create more innovative solutions together and help more companies reduce the path to transformation. In the future, the two parties will work hand in hand, complementing each other's strengths, innovating together, and helping more companies use digitalization as a means to reconstruct their core competitiveness, enhance economic efficiency, and accelerate the pace of development.


Build together —  Protect enterprises with a comprehensive safety system 

New security under new business conditions is also one of the key points of cooperation between the two parties. With the gradual deepening of the digital transformation of enterprise users, service-centric security systems have become the focus of IT construction for enterprise users in various industries. Tencent Security will collaborate with Thoughtworks in the field of security hosting services, and leverage their collective security and service experience in digital business to address multiple business models such as security consulting, security training, agile services, and security operations. This will provide enterprise users with better business-knowledge and more effective professional security service capabilities to help them address pain points such as user security system construction, core asset protection, and normalized security operations, to better protect corporate users.