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Bharani Subramaniam

CTO, India and the Middle East

Bharani, with 24 years of experience has been building applications since the late nineties, when he started his career as a VC++ win32 programmer. He is a connoisseur of various technologies but his passion lies in simplifying system designs. He also indulges in building strategies around data engineering and making the most of real time analytics for Thoughtworks’ clients.


Bharani in his current role shapes new pursuits and builds tech strategy with clients. He collaborates with the Thoughtworks' Technology Advisory Board that puts together thoughts on emerging technology trends in the industry, resulting in the much sought after Technology Radar.


Earlier leadership roles that Bharani has held, include being the Head of Technology for India, and Office Technology Principal for Thoughtworks Chennai.


While, Bharani’s geeky passion lies in learning and building low latency, high throughput applications, he has also capitalized on opportunities to design and build distributed systems, leveraging microservices. And what he loves most about coming to work is being surrounded by people who are smart and contribute to Thoughtworks’ open culture, which he believes, provides a great platform for people to question, challenge and learn.


The technology leader’s hobbies outside technology, include playing a mean game of badminton and watching movies that are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.




Bharani received his Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from S.R.M Institute of Engineering