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Snapshots from BAConf

The BA Conf was held on Aug 24th, Saturday at our Bangalore office premises. The theme for this year was "Dimensions of Product Management". We had over 100 participants from various companies.

The event was a great occasion for analysts and product managers to network, and share their ideas around product management. The sessions were in different formats – 45-minute talks, lightning talks and workshops. Our key speaker, veteran product manager, R.N. Prasad, from the India Product Management Association (IPMA), gave an insightful and well-received overview of "Business analysis in the context of holistic products". We also had speakers from Unisys, Schneider-Electric, eMids Technologies, etc. and a sprinkling of speakers from Thoughtworks.  

The energy and enthusiasm was high throughout the day long event. The feedback from the participants was also great with ~77% giving a rating of 4 or 5 (5 was the highest rating).

Check out some of our speaker's awesome decks

Some cool snapshots from the event


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